Industrial Teletruck (JCB) Course

The maximum number of Trainees per Instructor is 3.

Course/Duration   Criteria    

Novice 3/5 days depending on number of Trainees.


Trainees will have no previous experience of operating.

Existing Operator2/3 days depending on number of Trainees.  

It is anticipated that those attending this course will have some previous experience (possibly self-taught) and will not have had the benefit of adequate, formal training in the basic operating skills.

Refresher Training is a 1 day course with a maximum of 3 Trainees   This training, as the title suggests, is only for operators who have earlier been given adequate basic training, and are appropriately certificated. This training will focus on correcting areas of weakness.

Conversion Training 1/3 days depending on number of Trainees & Truck type.   This course is appropriate where there is a significant variation to the controls, function and power source from the truck types previously used by the operator.


Novice Course Syllabus



Existing Operator Course Syllabus



Refresher Course Syllabus


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